Friday, March 21, 2014


On Monday I was in BCN on my own for a few hours and decided to wander around Gràcia a bit, it's a cool neighbourhood that I hadn't really explored.

Unfortunately I hadn't gotten very organised on all of this, so I pretty much wandered in and wandered around.....

Gràcia was a separate village from Barcelona until relatively recently, and it still has a totally different feel than the rest of Barcelona.  6 story buildings are gone, most are 2, plaças abound, and lots of funky little stores.  Honestly, it looks a lot like most of the smaller towns outside of BCN, just has a funkier air than most of those do.

Here's a few photos, these are truly quite random, simply what I came across, and what seemed different than I had seen elsewhere.  As Gràcia apparently also includes Parc Guëll, clearly I missed some of the spectacular....but I wasn't after that either, more a feel of the place.

I stopped for a while and read my book, it was a LOVELY day, and I could sit outside on a bench to read.  So I did.  Afterwards I seem to have focused more on the graffiti, mostly cause the buildings were all pretty much the same.  Though in fact the graffiti was very similar to much of what I have seen elsewhere in the city.  There may be relatively few artists and they are traveling widely in the city.

I posted earlier about a Catalan poet and author, Salvador Espriu, there was a show at the CCCB and I saw sculptures inspired by his work in the cemetery in Arenys.  Seems he lived just ouside Gràcia.

More later!


Anonymous said...

small buildings, "village" feel, and street art. Sooooo.... kinda like Kensington Market in TO? :)

oreneta said...

Actually, quite a lot like Kensington, now that you mention it!