Sunday, March 2, 2014

Went over to a friend's place, then a walk

He was working hard in his garden, I was kinda sorta watching...mostly....and taking some photos....

His place is rich in water, this is a very fancy safareig, for doing laundry!

Not sure what purpose this served, but the tiles are super traditional.

He has/had two separate springs, this one seems to all go into pipes....I'd be curious where it ends up..
if you were to cut the pipes that is.

Chuck, who likes his creature comforts, just wished we'd go inside, where it's clean and there are no insects!

This is the other spring, which seems to be dry, probably due to lack of maintenance further up, or construction uphill that broke the link, cause this one is definitely a waterway that runs from further up the hill.

A veiw further inside...I would be able to JUST crawl in, so it isn't all that big...

Then we went for a walk....beautiful view of BCN

And the mist at the top of the mountain.

Lovely lovely day...our dogs circling around in the dark like ghosts. 

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Anonymous said...

Thats the best picture of chuck oh my gosh
Its sooo him.