Sunday, March 16, 2014

Asparagus and a night walk

We've got two French exchange students with us, two working on the theory that teenage boys are sometimes rather like dogs, in the sense that a tired dog is a good dog, therefore a tired teenage boy is a good teenage boy, we have been walking them around a fair amount...

Last night we went for a night walk in the hills, there was a full moon, so we didn't even need the lights I brought, though towards the end the boys decided to be gallant (or have fun playing with their mobiles) and they lit our way all the way back with their phone flashlights....

It was lovely. The teens, both boys and girls, started out ranging from nervous-excited (the girls) to nervous-scared (the boys, who in their defence are not from here) but rapidly got into the spirit of the whole thing.

It was great.  Youngest now wants to go on a night walk every week!  We have a guest coming tomorrow from the UK, we are all excited!  We're going to be taking her for a night walk too!

Then this morning, we picked up one more French boy and a different Catalan girl and headed out into the mountains again, in search of asparagus!  I love searching for asparagus!!!!  I dragged their butts in and out of brambles and up and down slopes.  I think they all had a lovely time in fact... got a little scratched up, but it was fun!

Love living near the mountains.


Anonymous said...

Can't think of a better way to learn a language than on a night walk in those hills.

Anonymous said...

Love the night walks. As a boy scout, I did a few night hikes. Bright moon, no lights, pretty cool :)

oreneta said...

Seadog, it seemed a good idea to me! They appear to have had fun anyway.

ElP, it is pretty cool isn't it! We went and did it again the other day with my cousin who is visiting.