Friday, July 18, 2014

goodness of humanity

As a small, indeed minor offset to today's dreadful news, I small and wonderful moment of lovely humans, let's remember that the lovely ones far outnumber the horrors.

Today with the dog I went over to the local school yard for the early morning walk, and low and behold, mowed into the grass is a lovely artistic swirling curving wave of a pattern, doubling back on itself and winding around the sides of the field.


I was marveling at it, thinking wonderful thoughts about humanity in general, and the fact that someone would go to the trouble, just because it was lovely, when up pulled the custodian of the school in his car.  In my excitement, I point it out to him and, in retrospect, rather unsurprisingly, turns out that he's the lovely mower! 


I express my delight at starting off my day seeing it and he replies, "The kids love it, and if the kids love it, I'm right there for it.  I see them walking the maze really often, even some of the teachers do."

Thanks Mr. Custodian, (name omitted for his privacy, but also cause I think he's got to be one of the coolest folks around).  Made my day, and seems you regularly make a whole lot of other people's days too!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! He must be making lots of people happy.

oreneta said...

I think so.

Anonymous said...

"The kids love it, and if the kids love it, I'm right there for it." That sounds like a mantra you should put up on the frontispices of schools.