Monday, July 7, 2014

Decaf tea taste test

I am now a decaf tea drinker.

A kinda sad decaf tea drinker.  I love tea and I love a good cuppa, but the caffeine?  Cannot.

I have found some good teas in Spain that I like and I have come to like Rooibos quite a bit, but sometimes I just miss a plain old good cup of tea. 

Here in TO I got a chance to taste test both and this morning, a cold and kind of rainy morning, I am doing an official taste test.

I have one mug of Tetley decaf and a cup of Typhoo decaf, roughly the same size cups, each with some milk and a teaspoon of goes!
Tetley, is a good nice cup of tea, nothing remarkable, but nothing bad.  The Typhoo has the same taste at the beginning, but as it carries on, it has a woody sort of bite at the end, tannins I imagine.  

Think I like the typhoo better.  

Definitely like the typhoo better, wider range and depth of flavours.


Off to the store!


Anonymous said...

And I'm sure that around Chinatown you can find a good choice of flavoured Rooibos teas as well, if you need a bit more variety.
Also, wonder what method they use for decaffeinating your tea (Check wikipedia some methods are cleaner than others...)

Anonymous said...

Your paternal gma drank Typhoo.

oreneta said...

ElP, there are some rooibos chais that are amazing.....I have found that. Decaf methods...sigh.....

Anon..really? there you go, it's genetic.