Sunday, July 13, 2014

lazy days that get strangely busy

Second sorta kinda lazy day in a row, as in I didn't get up early and didn't rush.

Yesterday was supposed to be a nothing kinda day, and it kinda was, went to the library, got dog food, kids bought candy, make a pie for a birthday for a friend, then it sort of went sideways when youngest stood on a rusty nail and we tried to figure out when her last tetanus shot was.  A long time ago in fact.  We should probably all get it updated.  Maybe with the passports. Every time you renew your passport, get a tetanus shot.  Hmmm, that might work.

Took the Catalan girl to the airport to fly home, have a story and a half to tell from that.

Today, another go at a quiet kind of day.  Eldest was off at the crack of dawn, the Man is working on a pair of big translations, and youngest is sleeping.

Slept in, strange but strangely good breakfast, finished my work for the weekend, had a cup of tea, and set off to walk the dog.

Normally in the mornings we go to a nearby park and I throw buckets of pine cones and he chases them.  All good, I hadn't planned on that today as it is rather late, and he has a habit of chasing people on bikes and loud running kids.  Kinda dorky of him, but there it is.  Today though, there were a bunch of dogs running around off leash and not too many kids, so we ventured into the park.  Got a bunch of tosses in, then the heavens was raining good and hard on us! 

Back to the book, a little damper, the dog didn't know I had a long walk planned, so he's not disappointed or anything.

These kinds of weekends are pretty sweet too.


Anonymous said...

When I cracked my elbow after a rollerblade fall in TO, got to the ER, and the lady over there just gave me a tetanus shot. I couldn't remember my last, so she was "oh well, can't hurt." :)

oreneta said...

It's a seriously nasty disease, and the shot is no biggie...I'd have taken it!