Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh my goodness, that was nice.

It's Setmana Santa here this week, kinda like March break with holier overtones.  Why am I writing about this?  Cause it means I am working less, and damn!  It's nice!

Worked this morning, did a 5 hour intensive class, which was cool.  A good group.

Then came home, had lunch, had a loooooong nap..even fell back to sleep after the alarm went off, and I cannot tell you how sweet THAT felt, walked the dog in the mountains and took as long as I wanted, looking for asparagus.

Got home (locked out) so went down to the climbing gym, youngest was there and wanted me to stay!  So I did, very fun. 

Came home, had dinner with the family!

Will confess that I now have to sit down and work on the computer for several hours, but this has been absolutely LOVELY!



Anonymous said...

work doesn't stop for me. But we will get Monday off for chasing girls with sticks and getting buckets of cold water if we come home late... :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter holidays to you and yours! GM