Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back in TO, June 05

Hey Ho,We are indeed back in TO. It’s OK I guess. We were lucky with the weather when we put Oreneta to bed, although it was making me antsy. Tropical storm Arlene was headed our way, and we were concerned that the entire 5 days we had on the hard to do the work was going to be filled with pouring rain. Makes it a little difficult to get the salt out of everything and get it dry so it doesn’t mildew. Got it done though, the sun shone. We met some nice folks from LaBelle. They gave us a lift into town to do all 9 loads of laundry. I did another 6 of clothing when we got back. It does seem astonishing on a 27 foot boat that there could be so much. They also gave X a lift into Ft Meyers to get the rental car so that we could all get in for the flight. So with a big thanks to them and the weather it got done. Flew back via Atlanta. Feeling rather ambivelent about it all. Though seeing my family has been very nice. We are still in cruiser mode and have been rather slow getting in touch with folks, but it is going to be very busy when I start work, and we want to ease into it all a bit I guess. X got work at Quantum TO and he has now been at work a week, and I start tommorow, and the kids start camp tommorow. N is OK with it, D is not so sure, but it is inevetable. We’ve even been out sailing, on my Dad’s boat, which has been very nice, but I’m sorry to say I got seasick. Urgh. Didn’t actually barf anyway. We have moved into the basement apt we were in last summer, which is fine. We are used to it, so we could settle in fairly quickly. Work is going to be stupendously busy, but I should get it all done in the end. Should be pretty good course I hope. I’ll let you know as it goes along. No news from the Spanish consulate of note, X phoned and was told “any second now, Mr Macia…” We’ll see. Then we have to see if the job is still open. So we are working and waiting. Wish we were sailing, but life is good.

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