Wednesday, November 22, 2006

life update, Aug 05

Hello all, No news for a bit, I have been suffering from tunnel vision getting the course finished, and it is now done. I finished work today!!!! Actually that is a bit of an exaggeration because I have quite a bit of work facing me in Sept. but I am no longer a full time wage slave. It all went well, they relaxed, the course went off well. They were a really nice group of women, it was really in a lot of ways a treat to work with them. In Sept I have 5 days of lecturing to a new group of students, and I have to go and supervise my 13 in their various teaching positions. If we are still here in Oct I’ll do it again, lots of lovely money. Although the related hassles are considerable. The kids don’t start school until 9 am, and then have to be picked up at 11:40 for lunch, dropped off again at 1:00 and the picked up at 3:40. Not a schedual that makes it easy to do anything in a city so big it takes 45 min to get anywhere. Mostly the nightmare is the babysitting. X will have to go in late every day I work, and lunch will have to be with whomever I can arrange, although on some days I will be able to get back in time. Work went well, they are hiring me back, and that’s good, we are carrying less debt than we have in a long time. Plus they are all really nice people, and I have enjoyed working with them all. The current tenant is staying on in our house until Nov 15, which is good because he is a good tenant, but a pain as it will be much harder to re-rent the house. Also we think we left our keys on the boat, and the tenant is away on vacation which makes it hard to show. Ah well. Hopefully it will re-rent quickly. At least we have some financial leeway from the money we earned this year.I am fairly seriously considering signing up for a MA, independent study, with Lesley University in Cambridge Mass, I would study environmental education, possibly focusing on women as movers in the environmental scene. I can do course work on the boat as so much of it is field work in different ecosystems. I could also do the work from Spain. We STILL don’t know what is happening there. The job offer has been renewed, and the consulate is still saying any day now… X has gotten in touch with his cousin in Spain who has gotten in touch with a “procurator” who, when everyone returns to work on Sept 6 will look into it for us, so we still have no idea, but since the job is there, and the Spaniards are looking optimistic, we may actually make it. The kids are even enthusiastic. One of their friends went to France last year for the year, and has come back completely bilingual, and they are (maternal joy here) JEALOUS Yipeeeee! So all systems are primed, if we can just wrest the citizenship from the Spanish gov’t. The kids have been at camp for the summer and are heartily sick of it, although it has been largely fun for them. They want to go back to the local school they were in last fall, I hope they have as nice a time as they did last year. The kids they met were really nice. My sister is going to show up on Sunday, we haven’t seen her in a year and a half, and on top of that she is bringing her husband and two sons, 3 and 1. The little one we’ve never met, so we are all pretty excited.That covers most of the news, sorry for the communication blank, but I simply had to get my head down and get the work done.

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