Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OK I'm going to make you jealous

New blog on this spot, but I am moving old posts from a previous blog over. This one was from May 2005. We lived on our very small sailboat for 3 seasons in the Bahamas travelling from Canada at the start. These are a series of posts from our previous life. The boat is named Oreneta. I'll add pics when I figure out how.

Life continues to be fun and cool. We stayed in Joe’s Sound for ages, and didn’t get weather to go to Conception Island once we were ready, so we returned to George Town for the Family Island Regatta ( I am so glad it worked out this way) which was profoundly cool. We got to sail on the boats in the races!!!!! The man got to do more than me because he ended up getting his foot in the door with three seperate crews the first day, and we had no childcare set up. It was accidental, but limited the amount of time I got, but I got on one of the big A class boats, Lucayan Lady. VERY VERY VERY COOOOOOOOOOOOL The first day out the boom broke, it was honking, and we got into a collision with at least three other boats, it got pretty confused, we aren’t sure how many. no one hurt, and those boats are very strong. No damage. Actually kind of exciting, for all but King, the owner/skipper. In true Bahamian fashion though, no one was very uptight. Sailed in. King managed to fix the boom, split length wise at the gooseneck, and repair the shroud and we were out the next day. “workin’ da pries, mon” and all he had needed was a nicro-sleeve. (The pries are the boards that stick out the side to balance the boat.) The boat did miserably in the standings, but I personally didn’t care at all. The crew could make a boat sail, but did not understand how to make it go fast. King did, but had to argue with them for everything, and not always successfully and always slowly. That was a touch frustrating, and on the last day I stopped being the polite, socially conscious Canadian chick and stepped in and did a lot more. They didn’t seem to mind. It was, definitely, the absolute highlight of the trip this year for me. Want to do that again, for sure.
On that note, still no news from Spain. I have to be in TO by June 15, so we are now heading back to Fl to store the boat. The man’s citizenship should be ready soon, so we should know about Spain in a bit, probably in the next month or so. If it doesn’t pan out, we’ll get back on the boat and maybe head down island a bit. We’ll see. If we’re on the boat again, you can be sure I will do everything I can to be in G-Town for the regatta. King was asking us to stick around for other races in the series which would be WAY COOL, but not this year. Ah well.

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