Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pics from us sailing in the Bahamas

Who is that frog girl?

On the beach at Allen's Cay, there is a population of lizards that live there and no where else in the world. They are, as you can see, very bold. They are also very beautiful.

The girls and I sailing the dingy, it was really good fun to sail, but the rig was slow. May re-rig it to something a little speedier.

Here we are in a race, obviously the concentration is amazing. With us is Mike from Twice in a Blue Moon, his wife Pat took the picture, along with all the photos above. They are great people. (and have to come and visit us soon, that means YOU)

A pic of us sailing in Georgetown in the Bahamas, photo is by friends off "Ketch Ya Later'

Well, a short glimpse of our former life.... Not many yet of the Spanish adventure, we'll all have to wait and see.


Nomad said...

Hi There!! Gorgeous photos...
Gosh love the BLUE-BLUE water.

You look STUNNING in your hat and OMG those lizards...that is a very very cool. I am jealous!!

soooo...ummm....guess the blogging thing is going ok....? :-)


LOL (see you tomorrow!!)


oreneta said...

The water colour was one of the reasons to go. There isn't much on land, but if you like looking at the water it is THE place to be. I miss it enormously. It is amazing.......

So far the blog seems to be working, cannot get the damn thing to put a pic up on the front page though, like where you have your back. I go through the process, then it masticates endlessly while uploading. I will prevail eventually though....