Sunday, August 9, 2009


My plan for the day had been to chiefly lie around and groan.

Some of that was done. I am feeling better now and didn't need to take any pharmacuticals to make it happen.

These thunderstorms are kind of getting in the way of some of the stuff I need to get done. They are spectacular though. Goodness.

The man has arrived. Snoring now, but what can you expect poor thing.

Time to groan my way off to bed. More moving tomorrow night, and a funeral tomorrow morning. I'd be amazed if I made it on air.




Jason, as himself said...

I feel so BAD for you. Ugh, yuck, blah.

Beth said...

"Chuckalicious"....god I love that.

and thunderstorms are the BEST!!!
hope you feel better Rocky.


Beth said...

What a day in store. Poor you. I hate funerals (who doesn't, right?)

Hope things look up soon.
Take it easy!

J.G. said...

Not much to look forward to, there. But the day after will be better!

Thunderstorms do put a crimp in the plans, don't they?

C.S. said...

August is the groan month.