Saturday, August 1, 2009


Going up to the boat this weekend, get some work done on it.....we may haul out the diesel engine....fix up the dingy, clean the hull, grease winches, ready the mast, that kind of stuff, plus nap, walk the dog, read stories and cook rather than heat food.

I may try and track down the outboard as well, though it is probably just has happy where it is as anywhere else.

Should be good. No internet though.

There is a beach nearby. If for once this summer the weather stops being cold and rainy we might even get in a swim!!!!

Over thirty people have gone through the house here in TO with an agent in the last three days and there is still the open house to come! We start accepting offers next week.

Cross your fingers for me, m'kay? Speed and $$$$$$$!

Have a fantastic weekend. It's a long one here and I so need it.


Helen said...

How exciting!!! I'm just back from holiday and catching up with your news!!

hulagirlatheart said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you. Cross yours for us, too.

J.G. said...

Have fun playing/working with the boat! And buena suerte with the house tours. That must be exhausting.

oreneta said...

Helen, we aren't growing any moss around here!

Hula, yes indeed...fingers crossed firmly.

JG, Exhausting is an understatement, I could sleep for a week given half a chance.