Monday, August 3, 2009

Junkyard dog

Sweet sweet Chuckalicious is developing a vice.


He is on his way to behaving like a junkyard dog.

Could he bark more?

Goodness, especially bad at the boatyard, granted, he is tied (on a long leash) to a concrete block, rather like a junkyard dog, but at least one of us sits with him most of the time.....

Then there is the barking at any man who comes near me, geese flying overhead, all dogs, anyone with a stick, motorcycles, loud cars, lord only knows what-all in the night, plus our friends who live upstairs....

Thank goodness for the internet, at least I have a plan now.

Think the real problem is too much change, and too much time home alone. We are TOO busy.

WAY too busy.

poor pooch.

The man is here next week and the kids are off camp so life should get better for him, then I finish work about ten days after that....he'll survive, and we'll do some doggie training.



TeacherMommy said...

Bad, bad, Chucky Brown
baddest dog in the whole damn town
badder than old King Kong
meaner than a junkyard dog...


J.G. said...

Maybe it's just his way of saying, "What is it now?"

Your solution of less change and more time (and a little training) sounds like it will do the trick.

hulagirlatheart said...

"Chuckalicious"-too funny. The barking? Not so much. We have that issue around our house. One of the few negatives about miniature schnauzers. His favorite motivation for barking? Squirrels.

Helen said...

Sounds like a big dose of insecurity indeed. Mind you he is better travelled than lots of people

oreneta said...

Teacher it in ONE!

JG, he's got three more days of being alone so much, only three. We should be able to get a handle on all that.

Hula, I knew a dog that lived on a boat. He barked at waves. Can I just say it got just a leeeettle old...

Helen, no doubt....poor pooch.

Anonymous said...

Hi there we are at the club south island until Tue night you and fam are welcome anytime, if you have a sliver of time, let me know email is the best boat is "Promise" OMG congrats on the house(s) BOTH of them ! WOW!!!