Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Know what I am missing this summer?

The man, goes without saying...soon to be remedied HALLELUJAH!

Walking in the mountains with the dog.

Walking with the dog off leash.

Walking everywhere and almost NEVER driving.

Two minute commute to work.

Fresh bread.



That last one is weird cause I don't really like cooking, but I spend so much time assembling food here, or heating it and not really cooking cause I have NO TIME, I miss real cooked food.

Frustrating cause I have an oven here, and no time to use it. I used to bake lots of bread, but now no....

Frustrating too because there are so many English language books here and so little time....I am going to have to plan for the end of the summer when we go sailing and pack a whole bunch of books from the library!

Good stuff goes on too, but I am missing some stuff bad.

Especially the man.

That is soon remedied though!



Anonymous said...

How does Chuck get to indulge in rolling in the stinky stuff, if he's on a leash? Publish a list of your new book finds, OK? GM

kate said...

Funny how we miss whatever we don't have...

And congratulations on selling the house (and buying the one in Spain!) How exciting!!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Wheee! So many exciting things happening in your life. And isn't it interesting that we have to remove ourselves from our lives before we see some of the glaringly obvious good things about it. Quality of life is so important to me, especially now that I'm, ahem, older. Maybe you can ship a bunch of books to yourself by pony express.

Anonymous said...

Love your list! You must be busy packing away all your stuff so you may move, right?

oreneta said...

GM...when I get a chance....Chuck has a rare skill, and is occasionally off leash.....

Kate, while I'm not really all that excited right this very second, thank you....too much crap in our lives, we own too much stuff. WAY too much.

Bodhi, quality of life is so very very important.....goodness.

Carla, YES!