Monday, August 31, 2009

Hi y'all!

We're back,

More to follow I imagine. Saw family, that was lovely. My BIL is a chef in Paris, can I just say the food was divine when it was his turn to cook.

Very little sailing. A couple of hours in fact is about all, got a bunch of motoring in. The wind kept blowing the wrong way.

Can I just say that it is freaking COLD here!

Saw a bear swimming from a cottaged island yesterday, never seen the likes of that before.

We did get some great sailing in, indeed we were doing over 6 knots which with our little boat is honking along.

Chuck the dog is not a bad boat dog. No barfing!!!

He got more relaxed as time went on, though he did tend to stare morosely and whine what sounded a lot like, "Land HO!!!" whenever we came near an island that looked appealing. (read all of them)

He loves the dingy (takes him to land) and has gotten used to most aspects of the whole thing.

All told pretty successfull, though I could have done with a bit more sailing, warmth and sun and a little less rain.

Boat is laid up, knee deep in laundry and the to-do list is growning again.

So looking forward to getting to Spain in many ways. Warmth for one.

All I have to do there is finalise buying a house and renovate it, in two languages.

Should be a party!

An alarming 324 blog posts in my reader. Thinking of you all...may be a while to get through all that.

Cheers and a shiver,



Anonymous said...

I'm catching up.... are you on the boat since the house sold?? Or in temp housing until you get back to Spain?

Inquiring minds want to know where you be sailing at?? Lake Ontario, I presume?

Any new pics of the boat?

Glad life is getting back to normal now that the move is behind you.

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed your vacation. So, you have family in Paris? Meaning you went there? And didn't even come and say hi? :p

Beth said...

Welcome back!
See ya soon - I'll be toting a huge bag of books for you!

(thanks for the tool advice - I printed it out)

Helen said...

Sounds lovely - BIL's cooking is great!!

J.G. said...

Welcome back, or almost back! Sounds like you had a great check-out from the stresses of real life.

the Provident Woman said...

Sounds like fun!

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Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Um, what is BIL?

Sounds like you are BUSY!

I love how your posts flow, if that is the correct word.

Sunny and 70 here everyday, but of course RAIN is due for the long weekend, first RAIN in almost 3 months and it has to be on a long weekend!!!

hulagirlatheart said...

Sounds welcome back to reality. :)

Beth said...


oreneta said...

Carla, we have friends we have stayed with every summer, so we were there and then we went sailing for two weeks on Georgian Bay, the boat is up there, it is a nicer place to sail. Things are calm now, waiting for the storm. We close on the house here in Spain next Tues. Then the games begin again, reno and a move. Goodness.

ElP, I do have family in Paris but they came to Canada...when I come again we have to get together, no? They're in the 7th.....

Beth, It was SO cool to see you again, and all the books have arrived in Spain....except Mouthing the Words by Camilla Gibb, which I really enjoyed and finished before we left so it is in storage. Thanks so much!

Helen, isn't it though....I would like to come up for the wedding....could I? Didn't make the last one because of the furnace but I would like to make this one if it's OK....

JG, it was lovely, we totally checked out, then ran around madly for a week, and we have a week to get all our ducks lined up here before the kids go back to school, I start work and we get the house...busy times. Got your letter by the way, thank you very much!

Doug, BIL is Brother in Law....thank you about the flow, a factor of not editing. You are so kind, some would call it stream of consciousness or verbal diarrea!

Hula, ain't that the truth!

Beth, pretty cool eh! Do anything for some food that mutt.