Friday, August 20, 2010


It is odd sometimes having an unusually difficult time coming up with a post.  Today was intense at work, very intense and it is filling my head as I troll around for thoughts to work into something to say.  I, however, cannot talk about any of that.  So it rolls around and around some more.

Here in Toronto it is tomato season, and many many families are starting to process and put up their years worth of tomato sauce.  How it is most often done is with a machine in the yard that you feed the cleaned tomatoes into and it separates out the seeds and the skins and pulps the flesh.  A huge time saver, then it is put into a large kettle (not always, but often) and cooked down a bit.  Into the large jars goes some basil (sometimes) and the tomato.  The jars are sealed and put into a boiling water bath so the canning is safe.

An interesting factoid that goes along with this is that the women who work on this have to be in a certain part of their cycle or they cannot participate.  To this day.

I do adore something about that, maybe not the fact of it so much, as the continuance of the tradition.

Also learned another olive technique.....soak them in plain water, changing it every couple of days for a few weeks, at this point I lost the train a bit, but you would then put them in brine?  With some garlic? It was not exactly a complete recipe....

May try again this year and see if we can figure it out.


Anonymous said...

There are so many other fun and tasty things that you can do with tomatoes, other than sauce. (Also if I grew my own tomatoes, I would want them to meet a better fate than "just sauce"...)

Anonymous said...

I caught a mama deer and her fawn munching on my tomato plants last night. They looked so cute that I let them do it.

Your post reminded me of the times spent canning tomatoes with my mom.

Do share more about olives... do you start with plain ones or what? I ate at a Spanish restaurant 2 weeks ago and the olives were yummy!

oreneta said...

ElP, I can HEAR the Italians shrieking about the what you say..'just sauce'!!!!

Carla, When I get back, I will do more research, so far not too much has been done....