Sunday, August 22, 2010

If you don't know Toronto, you won't get this:


Youngest and an equally young friend were chatting about our lives in Spain.  Young friend asked Youngest if she had ever been to BCN.

'Yes indeed' she responded.

Young friend paused.  'Is it like Mississauga?' she asked?

I tried not to snort.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Well, maybe the very notion of BCN, so far away, was so abstract that the kid needed to be able to compare it to something he/she knows :D

Anonymous said...

This No. Californian is not familiar with each, however, I guess it would be comparing a grapefruit to a small grape if all the boy knew were grapes?

Am I close?

Anonymous said...

K....I'll do it for ya!!!!



mmichele said...

I just love the innocence and sweetness of that question.

J.G. said...

"Um . . . no."

How'd I do?

(I'm guessing, unfortunately, having been to neither. I need to get out more.)

oreneta said...

ElP, pretty funny, no? Hehhehehehe....and Paris is like Scarborough.

Carla, BCN is, well, BCN, the European capital of cool! Mississauga is a flat suburban nowhere slightly west of Toronto. The ultimate mall based bedroom community.

Nomad, thought you might like that.

Mmichele, it did make sense, in her context. It was interesting how curious she was too, don't get that much honestly.

JG, BCN, worth a visit, Mississauga not so much.