Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photocopy queen

In my job here in the summers I do quite a bit of photocopying.  Not all day like some poor clerk in a law office, but sometimes the print run is long enough I'll bring a book.

The machine is HUGE.  A high speed job that whips out the copies at the speed of light.  Well that would be an exaggeration, but it is pretty darned fast.  It is, however, a wee bit temperamental and requires having it's innards scratched really fairly often.  It's pretty clear too, none of this lower...lower....a little to the left.... business. gives me a diagram and instructions so that I can reach into it's overheated innards and scratch away.

Every year I am less intimidated by the monster, to the point that this year, indeed today, I did a brave thing.  A risk, so to speak.  See, I hate to engage a long print run only to discover that the pages are going back to back one up and one down, or whatever.

Today though....I hit the staple button.

I know, a height of bravery not assumed by everyone, is such a hassle figuring out where one copy starts and the next ends, and then patting them all neatly together and stapling them.

I went for it, and I didn't even do the prudent one-cop-to-see-if-you've-got-it-right.  Nope!  Just hit the button and waited for the staple to appear at the bottom right hand corner of the package.

That's be an interesting mental exercise for the students, though they do say that breaking our routines is supposed to be good for our mental development.

Guess what!  Came out just fine.

Who'da thunk.


elpadawan said...

Hmmm... every time I dared try to use the button, the staples tank was empty. On all the copiers I ever used. I guess my company didn't want to get us too lazy with an automatic stapler thingie.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Sounds like you've been building up some relationship with that machine. You must have scratched it in the right place at some point.

Boo and Trev said...

I love those automatic staplers. Our machine at work now tells you exactly where it needs attention when it's getting upset. It can scan, print, and fax! Excellent. Just needs to make the tea and it would be perfect

Helen said...

We don't have such fancy photocopiers - I am impressed by getting ours to collate things

oreneta said...

ElP, I may be the only one who has ever tried with the stapler, maybe that's why the tank was still full!

Bodhi, scratched it most everywhere by now...getting to know it just a little bit too well at this point.

Boo and Trev, now tea...that would be something, but imagine what it would taste like here!

Helen...ours could probably launch the space shuttle if you pushed the buttons right.