Monday, August 23, 2010

Stream of consciousness

Counting the days till we go sailing.  No.  Counting the hours.

Glad and sad to leave work here.

Conference for the next two days, looks super fascinating.

Think I may be getting a sinus thing going on, sore teeth lately.

Love the book I'm reading right now, The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. T'would be brutal for language learners, too many changes of character with too little notice.  No single central character emerging.

Dog ate two dinners tonight, no wonder he was glad to see me.

Must sleep.

Wonder what the house looks like now.


Anonymous said...

Cold FX. Excellent immune system booster if you do not know it already Get it at the drug store over the counter. Expensive but less expensive than misery and drugs and really really works. If u r getting a cold and u take it right away cold is waylaid. LOTS of GARLIC today. (Listen to me mothering you!) Hope u feel better
xo Nomad

oreneta said...

No time to get it, I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best!

I am doing OK, there has to be a big hard crash at some point though.