Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chuck is tiiiiired.

You see, he was out with me for a walk when he met up with his girlfriend again, indeed she came and found him, much to their mutual delight.

Once I got him inside, and left her out, which took a little doing, he set up to howl.  And howl, and howl and howl.

Indeed, he has howled or whined on and off, and mostly on, for the entire day.

That is a lie, he took a break from it when I had a nap and had a nap too; and then started off again.

Very tired puppy this evening (thankfully).

We looked up how long her attractions would last.  Looking like a bit of a long haul for us all.



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

To try to be brief, I can't drink milk and so the nuances are lost on me. Now, I am wondering if spaying and neutering is not de rigeur in Spain. I get why the howling and why she keeps coming around. Maybe the cultural thing is to not spay but that would mean an inordinate number of strays. I can't help but thinking that His Royal Chuckiness making it up on the roof was to scout out his girlfriend and let her know how to find him.

Beth said...

I’m wondering what “her” owners think of all this – do they think it’s okay to let her wander off on her own and meet up with Chuck? Or (and don’t mention this to Chuck) perhaps other male dogs as well? Are we talking a possible planned or unplanned pregnancy happening? (Not with Chuck...hopefully...)

oreneta said...

Bodhi, Spaying and Neurtering is a very long way from de rigeur in Spain, indeed decidedly rare. I think rather more females are spayed than males done because of the mess issue, and some males (I don't know what percentage) are given a vasectomy. (!!!?!?!?!?! I KNOW!!!!?!?!?!?) Chuck is in that number. The pound here automatically vasectomizes males that pass through. And the roof? We're having to be very careful. He went out with me yesterday and immediately started heading off. Door is CLOSED for now.

Beth, I honestly can't quite fathom the owners. They do this with all their dogs, and some of them have disappeared. She doesn't have a collar, nor a flea collar job, I honestly don't know her name and clearly they don't worry about puppies. She has been meeting up with other males, there is one I have seen her with several times, looks a lot like Chuck, but black. Indeed she came around again today, begging for his attentions and she had a male in tow, both of them soaking wet and unconcerned. I had a heck of a time getting out of the house, I had to push Chuck quite hard away from the inner door so I could get out and close it and then prevent the girlfriend and her other male from coming in.

Never dull! At least he has been calmer for the bulk of the day.

J.G. said...

A vasectomy for dogs??? Now I've heard everything!

oreneta said...

I will confess, that was my response too, but that's how they do it here.