Friday, November 25, 2011


Chagall exhibit?  Awesome.  Sometimes a painting just GRABS you.  Then if you're lucky, there's another.  We were lucky.

Stomping our favourite stomping grounds.....favourite restaurants........

Seeing family.

Not sleeping NEARLY enough.

Missing Chuck.

My nephews are in town, so more fun to be had.


thecatalanway said...

Hey you will come back won't you?? I am looking forward to seeing you. Glad it is all going so well - sometimes there is nothing like a trip 'home' K xx

Beth said...

You're going to be exhausted when you return to Spain - but a wonderful kind of exhausted!

Anonymous said...

Your week in TO sounds heavenly! Incredible that you can sit outdoors in the sun end of November and not freeze your butt off?
Many happy returns of the day for your AP! She's always been the most amazing woman so she more than deserves all the attention she's getting from you all! GM

oreneta said...

K, back now...waiting on you!

Beth, actually we're getting better at the far so good.

GM, most unusual weather for Nov.....