Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mixed? Nah, mostly good

Hmm, Chuck is on day 5 of howling and whining.  How long can that dog stay in heat?  She keeps swinging by the house to keep his hopes up too.

We had lunch outside today in the that was a pleasure and nine tenths.  The nap after lunch, that was the final tenth.

Man, the economy here may SUCK, but they've got a great lunchtime routine.  Nice and long, come home with the family, eat well together and then a nap before going back to work.

There's a sensible way to tackle the middle of the day.

Oh, and the morning?  That was pretty darned good too.  Went into BCN on my own, went and got some tea, had a lovely walk in the sunshine and went to MACBA, the modern art museum.

I have to say.  Video installations as art leave me c.o.l.d. cold.  Ho hum.

Some sculpture, fine.  Big installations, as in room installations, I am SO there with you.  Ultimately though, painting is what makes my fiddle sing.  There were some decent Barcelós, a Basquait, and a painting by an artist whose name escapes me, but whose work was very cool.  Oh, and a Gerhart of his abstracts which I really like.  Some of his pieces, meh, not so much, but the abstracts are really something to write home about.

Gotta say, overall, a pretty darned good day.

Hope yours was good too.




Beth said...

Naps can be such a pleasure, can't they? Had one today - was up crazy early and it was raining this afternoon - perfect nap conditions!

thecatalanway said...

Well I had a quiet day recuperating from the unnecessary operation! Man came to give me another outrageous estimate of how much I need to pay to take furniture to SPain(well I'll know in a few days but the others were incredible) Lovely walk with dogs to the stone circle Merry Maidens. chatting with my Bcn friend who is staying and nursing me. Lovely lovely itotherapy session with her - like a massage with heat. then a dear friend arrived with biscuit supplies and we all had a laugh. Not enough napping though. Look forward to getting there and having some culture and sunshine with you in town. Chuck may be smelling Duna by now across the hills. Hers lasts about 8 days - then a brief pause before the false pregnancy starts! K x

oreneta said...

Missed my nap today, and I'd just like it to be clear that I am still missing it.

Kate, I'm not sure this doggy's going to be having a false pregnancy they way she's been waving herself around the town......