Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sometimes, it's amazing what's interesting

I am something of a podcast junkie.

I listened initially for two reasons, one, to maintain my English, I know that sounds odd, but when you only ever speak to your family, your level, and specifically, your vocabulary starts to diminish.  I used to find myself back in Canada struggling to come up with words for things.  So, in came the podcasts to prevent this impoverishment.

Later I have done much the same thing in Catalan.  I listen to increase vocab and keep my ear tunes, particularly in Canada in the summer, but year round too.

Then it turns out there are some AMAZING podcasts out there.

There are a lot that I know I will like, cause they are on topics I am interested in, such as A Way with Words, which Beth introduced me too, and some of the book podcasts, such as the Guardian book podcast and The Next Chapter from the CBC, there are some that I listen to when I can't sleep, they are just that right balance of charm, peace and interest that they stop the churning mind, my two best for this are Coast and Country and Scotland Outdoors, both from the BBC.

Then there are some that I have found that are simply brilliant, well, one in particular, WNYC Radiolab...I've sung their praises before.

Then there are some that seem so unlikely.  This one was the inspiration for this post.  Wired magazine, which I am coming to adore, has a podcast they call Storyboard (though if you read this though, finding podcasts on your site is WAY too difficult) and particularly, this show was riveting.    It's all about how whiskey is made.....not something that really interests me at all as I don't drink, but there is something about a person who is passionate about a topic that I find endlessly interesting, and something about curiosity that I adore, and the guy who hosts the show is nothing if not curious, and then there is the geekiness of it all....and it is geeky, but there is something about that sort of geeky impulse that is compelling too.  I am probably not marketing this sucker well, but it was fabulous.

I do love it when you find yourself drawn into a show or an individual program that you would otherwise not have the least interest in.  Lovely.


Beth said...

Checked out A Way With Words and Wired – it’s a start!

Beth said...

Hi there, fellow podcast-addict. I'm so pleased that AWWW has become one of your faves and that you're spreading the word!

oreneta said...

Beth, hoping you'll find something you like!

Beth, it is an amazing show, no? Have you tried radiolab?