Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bikes and flats

Had to dust off the bikes after the summer away, dust off is literal, but we also left my bike behind with known flats, so when it came time to get it out, we knew there would be some work to do. 

Not quite as much as we thought though.

Thought the back wheel and the spare had a flat. The front had been sporting a slow leak for some time.  You know, the pump it up once a week kind.


The man, bless him, patched at least 3 on the front, one on the back and one in the spare.  The front he had to take off and on over and over and over again.

I pulled thorns out of both tires


Then I went to the bike shop to get a new patch kit, and talk to the guys about self-healing inner tubes.  I am now the proud owner (but not yet user) of two self-healing inner tubes.  Apparently there's a liquid inside and as long as it is a minor puncture it just cures itself.  You have to go in from time to time and remove the pokey bits, but it's pretty good they say.

Next time I get a flat, I'll put in the new one!  Repair the old spare one and use it as a spare. 

Fingers crossed,

Oh, and the muscles and tush?  Not so in shape as they were last June.  Gonna ache a bit for the next week or two!


Anonymous said...

self-healing tubes sound amazing. Don't go puncturing your old tires on purpose just so that you can swap the new ones ;p

oreneta said...

I am resisting...but geez, that'll be a marvel and a half. Then there are tubeless tires, which seems un-flatable.