Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet the creature

What I always called meet the teacher.

My daughter complains about being bored at school, that she could finish what they want to do and be out the door in about a third the time they use.

I agreed, but...but..OMG

Yesterday there was a meeting with parents for the kids in her grade high school.


There are no signs at all telling us where to go and most of the staff don't know either so everyone is w.a.n.d.e.r.i.n.g around the school up and down floors.

We get there.  The chairs are all up on the table, like she can't be bothered to make us welcome.  We get in, she doesn't start on time, doesn't introduce herself, passes a list around for email addresses, no concerns about privacy of information.  Her power point slide has multiple errors and the hand out is printed so small it is illegible, and the light isn't on.

Then she f*cking waffles along about freaking NOTHING.

I had to leave after half an hour, HALF AN HOUR, and I had learned 1 thing that I needed to know.  1 thing.

My poor husband had to stay for another ENTIRE HOUR!

Who in their right freaking mind holds a parent meeting that lasts an HOUR AND A HALF!

I asked my husband what else they talked about.


That's what he said.  Nothing.

And he missed a translating job while he was farting around in there.

God almighty, the teens have the patience of angels.  I'd freak right out.

I'd also fail my students if they gave a presentation like that, indeed I'd walk out before they finished.  LONG before they finished.

Unbelievably disrespectful.


Anonymous said...

Not disrespectful, simply incompetent.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's pretty sucky. Also, I'm pretty sure your teens are going to print the "The teens have the patience of angels" part of this post, and quote you at the worst possible moment ever, I hope you realize that. This can, and *will* be used against you. :D

oreneta said...

seadog, you are more generous, and you don't teach teachers, nor are you one. It reduces patience with this kind of crap.

ElP, yeah, that's OK. they really do in many ways, think back on high school....could you really sit through that again?