Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saw a fox the other day

While I was walking on Saturday.  Did I mention that?  I think not.

He was lovely, just like Chuck, only smaller and much more afraid of me.

What is interesting to me is that so many animals have different connotations.  For instance for me in English, a fox is cunning, an owl is wise, a snake is untrustworthy, a mule is stubborn, dogs are loyal etc etc etc.

Weirdly, or really I guess not that weirdly, but it still seems odd to me, but in Catalan these animal have different traits. 

Who'd have thought.


Anonymous said...

Well, I think the dogs are loyal everywhere. Untrustworthy snake probably comes from the bible, so might not apply in Muslim/Buddhist/Taoist countries, mules *are* stubborn. You could probably make a nice post with the differences you encounter :)

oreneta said...

so, in French, or Czeck...are you cunning as a fox? Slippery as a snake? Are they the same???

kate said...

Yes, I vote for a Catalan animal traits post!

(Hi! I've been away for awhile, but am still around!)

oreneta said...

Kate, we should do some hW on that, but it would be neat...I'd have to do some looking up in English too.

Glad to hear your around!