Monday, September 22, 2014

Days when stuff works

Gotta love them

The days when things just work out sometimes against the odds, but they just do.

Today, for example.

On Saturday Youngest and I went to buy her a smart phone.  Through clever manipulation of maternal goals (something she's good at) namely playing the 'need to keep in touch with my sister' card, she convinced me that a smart phone was necessary.

OK fine, we went to get one.

Now for those of you out there who didn't know this, there are two sizes of SIM card. Neither Youngest nor I knew this, so when we arrived home with her freshly minted new phone, the card from the old one didn't fit. 

Great wailing and gnashing of teeth, though when I pointed out that she could still get FB, that diminished.

End result?  I went back into BCN today to get the SIM card...btw, you can keep your phone number when you do this!  HALLELUJAH!

Easy peasy!


Then.....I am enrolling in a Masters for my sins, and the enrollment process is somewhat arduous, though not too bad.  I had to get photocopies of some documents and they had to be 'acarades' which I think is something like notarized.  I asked around.  One said I had to go to a notary public - CRAZY expensive here.  Another thought the town hall could.  Went down, no, they cannot, but the neighbouring town could, for a fee.

Lethargy hit, and I decided to take all the originals in with me, (EEK) and throw myself at the feet of bureaucracy. 


The lovely lady at the desk acaraded them herself, no charge, and everything was accepted.

Now to do the course work!


Anonymous said...

A Masters in what? And in what language?

oreneta said...

Online education in Catalan and Spanish!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice for the Masters, congrats! (And for the SIM size, there are actually three sizes. Standard SIM, Micro SIM, and Nano SIM, the latter being the format for the latest iPhones. Some operators charge for a SIM replacement, but if the SIM was too old (one of mine died on me, they have a life expectancy of 5 years approx) or if you just spent big money to get a new fancy phone, then the least the operators can do is to provide the new SIM free of charge :D)

oreneta said...

They did provide the new SIM free of charge and kept the number, so aside from the frustration of having to go back, no big deal.