Saturday, September 20, 2014

two of me

After so many years now of living here and going back to TO in the summers, it's almost like there are two of me.  I have two lives almost.

Two sets of friends
Two different jobs, and they are very unrelated, although I teach in both.  Unrelated in content, in responsibility, in duration, in schedule.
Two different languages
Two different houses, ways of living
Two different ways of eating, we eat quite differently here than there
Two different hobbies.  There, all about sailing, here, all about walking and bicycling and mountains

And it feels like the people in the different places don't know the other me.  I am chattier in Toronto.  I talk of different things.

Same husband (thank all that is good)
Same kids (ditto)


Anonymous said...

You are the nicest schizophrenic I know.

oreneta said...

thanks, we guess.

Anonymous said...

It's called being an expat, I suppose :)

oreneta said... many of you are there?