Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Yeah, the little birds from fairy tales.  When I was a child, I remember reading, and probably being read, stories that included nightingales, wonderous birds whose song was so mesmerizing that kings would search whole continents to have one. 

Turns out they live here in Catalunya.  They are called Russinyols, and they are very nearly common.

I had had hints of this before, talking about birds while walking with friends and hearing bird song that was long loud complex and beautiful, and they would tell me it was a russinyol, and one or two told me it was a nightingale, but they English levels were low, and I kind of didn't believe them.  It seemed impossible that I could be living in a place that had nightingales! Strangely I almost didn't want to believe them, too magical.

But, it turns out they are right (not a great surprise).  There was one singing outside the kitchen the other day and the song was so extraordinary that I started to do some homework on the topic.  And yes, some of those little brown jobs out there are stunning singers, and straight out of fairy tales. 

OK, I love living here for so many reasons, but the new best one, I am living in the land of fairy tales.  How many folks can say that. 

Ahhhh, nightingales.


Anonymous said...

That's the magic of living in Europe and it's absolutely mindblowing at times! GM

Anonymous said...

Once only, we heard one singing all night long when we were in NOL Yacht Club. It was womderful, such a variety of song.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in Europe, I would never have imagined that they could be seen as "magical mystical and elusive creatures". They were all over the garden in my parent's place :D. Guess as migratory birds who go to Africa during winter, they wouldn't be found in Canada :)