Friday, December 1, 2006

Work and languages and fun with text.

Looking for work here is kind of exciting. Had to hold it off until we got a phone, just doesn't look good on the CV if you don't. Getting the phone was exciting in and of itself. Hookup charge is 100 Euros, that's about 130 Canadian dollars folks, plus we were told we would have to wait three week to get them to come at that price. When we managed to choke the idea of the cost down and asked them come to do the work, we were then informed that there were no phone lines available in our town, and we would have to wait until at least the New Year. This is part of the EU isn't it? Well then we get the call that the guys will be showing up at 9 am the next day, and GUESS WHAT? THEY DO!!!! Only 20 minutes late too! When they leave we have a phone and internet all hooked up, and we are off. Weirdness. Better than in Poland where they phoned my sister up to tell her that they were not going to be able to install her phone that YEAR and maybe she would get it next year. *sheesh* and we complain if they can't tell us if it will be in the morning or evening.

I've got a call into the local schools who are looking for an English teacher for after school classes, could be a foot in the door, but I had to get the husband to call because while my Catalan is getting better and better, the phone is still tricky. I can't wave my hands around at all.

Looked up the Montessori schools in Barcelona as possibilities, one looks like a maybe, but the other appears to be run by the Italian consulate and seems to be in Italian. Now I am already a pretty mixed up girl trying to learn Catalan and Spanish at the same time, but if I have to Italian too..........

In a land of multi-linguists, I look pretty pathetic in my monolinguistic hole.

Thanks to for the lead on HTML editing, and for the lesson

My kids keep bugging me while I am writing, it doesn't improve it. Although I will grant that I am doing it while homeshooling them.


Trish said...

Hi Oreneta I've seen you over at nomad's blog and then you came to visit mine so I thought I would drop in to see yours. Love the pitures! And we homeschooled our boys too. They are older now and some are in highschool and the youngest is in the Montessori school.

Thanks for the link...but the url is wrong. It should be

oreneta said...

I'll fix it right now. As I reread it while the kids are in bed I noticed some typos that appeared between math problems and spelling tests....
Thanks for dropping by here too.

Dorky Dad said...

Nice blog.

You've been TAGGED.

Dorky Dad said...

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