Sunday, September 21, 2008

Parenting takes you all sorts of places.

I always hated team sports, especially if it involved a ball of any form. Hated them.

That isn't actually completely true, I quite liked soccer when I was in grade school.


Youngest loves basketball. For now anyway, and has joined the local team.

Guess what I went off and did today. Go on.... guess.

Yup...I found myself at the local sports center....playing basketball! Know what? It's fun when you play with your kid.

I got booted off the court though when she got asked to play with a bunch of other kids.

I got to sit on the sidelines practicing dribbling. My forté it would seem.

Youngest's team won. She wasn't keeping score or anything. (She got TWO baskets!!!YAHOO!!!)


Anonymous said...


elPadawan said...

sounds fun :). I never was any good at basketball. Cos' I'm small, it seems.

oreneta said...

GM, she's happy about it anyway...We're hoping that it stays fun!

LP, The man had the same problem, it could be fun playing pick-up...though I have to confess, I hate team ball sports...bleh.

dawn said...

I love basketball. I didn't do well on the girls teams, but played quite well with the guys in pickup basketball. I had a problem with the girls not being where they were suppose to be when I threw the ball and they were always throwing behind me (apparently both my fault). I didn't have that problem with the guys because they were just that much quicker. In university I would go out on Sunday afternoons and play with the guys and my friend and I would go to a school on evening a week and play with a bunch of guys too. A great time in my life that came to an end when I started having kids.

oreneta said...

Dawn, the women here have a pick-up league, the man is encouraging me to play, I didn't like the sport, and they play on Friday night, when we usually get together for a movie as a family...we'll see. If I could get over my horror at my complete incompetence....