Saturday, September 27, 2008

You know those snow storm paper weights? Feel like I'm shaking mine.

Just so you know, I don't like this kind of news to slip past, but we are all breaking the law. Yes, you by reading this, and me by writing it....go
here to see how that could be.

Moving along,

Youngest had her basketball game, they didn't win but they had a lot of fun and learned a lot so that is all good.

I might get a little more work in a town a little distance from here, for good pay, which is great; I'm going to have to buy me a bicycle to do it's about five kilometers each way (and hilly, lordy help me). I'll be eating whatever chocolate goop I feel like (yahoo!) and still getting in better shape, plus making more money, and and and....I'll have more time to organise as I wish, because if I take/get the job, I won't be able to take my Catalan class, which is kind of sucky, but it'll help pay for moving the boat, and maybe I'll be able to arrange some kind of Castillian classes, and that would be a very good thing too.

Waiting to see at this point.

We're at one of those moments when the decisions are sort of hanging like marionettes around you and you've got to work it all through and make them all dance. Know what I mean?

I play solitaire when I am uptight. I play badly. Lost a few rounds today. The game is just involving enough so that I don't dwell on or niggle at the issue, but not so much I cannot think, which is why I play badly...if I am working over questions with long running ramifications I can't read, my eyes just run over the words....

ho hum

Red jack on the black queen.

What do you do when your uptight?



Lynda said...

I will cry if they take away my saves me.

What do I do when uptight... sometimes I clean. I clean until my knuckles bleed. But this is not so often now I have Busy Brenda.

Often I will pick a fight with the dear husband.

Or I will eat something totally ridiculous - something that goes against all my beliefs.... like the 2 poptarts last week...please explain - What is the point of a PopTart!!!

Helen said...

Sadly, it is eat chocolate. I often wish I was one of those people who can't eat when stressed. I however, eat more. Ho hum

hulagirlatheart said...

I sit in silence in the hot the dark...and watch the clouds move.

Trish said...

I write in my journal, pen to paper. Somehow the act of writing the old fashioned way is very soothing - I grip the pen tightly and press down hard on the paper and let the emotions flow out of me.

oreneta said...

Lynda, I never have the urge to clean. Well, almost never...I will also confess that I have never had a pop tart...are they good?

Helen, so true, there are days when nothing but chocolate will do, though those tend to be more when I haven't slept enough and I am exasperated...

Hula, now THERE'S a good idea! All I need is a hot tub...

Trish, something I haven't done in a while. I also make lists, cost/benifit ones usually...I guess I am visual enough that graphing it all out helps to clear things a bit more. How is Son11 doing at school, better?

Jason said...

Ummm, drink wine?

Is that a bad answer?

Then, break out in a cold sweat?

Tunnel vision?

I don't handle being uptight too well.

elpadawan said...

well, as long as no-one from Italy is reading your blog...

dawn said...

I am glad I live in Canada where hopefully the Canadian government doesn't have to give me up without extradition laws.

When under stress, I am not sure what I do. I think I talk to friends or read how to magazines to ignore the problems that are stressing me. And...I might look for a snack.