Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time and language

I went into BCN today, leaving at *gasp* 6:30. You see last year when I did this I aimed to be there an hour early. The line had about 3 - 400 people in it by the time I got there.

I was smarter this year, I thought. I would be one of the first 100. Many people had slept outside the school overnight last time, so I had no intention of being quite THAT early.

Seems I was, see, I was third in the cue this time.


It was nearly an hour before the fourth person arrived and at most the cue was about 50 people long.

I've been sleepy all day.

And I was forced to repeat the same level as last time, though my language level is certainly different, I had a group of four kids over making dinner for instance, all in Catalan, and I was talking to a neighbour at the same time.

Seems I should be another level up.

In reality I should be able to go into the school and talk to the teachers and get shifted up a level. Here's hoping, cause it'll be mighty boring to be in the same group again and it is a heck of a lot of work getting in there, to repeat. It isn't that I wouldn't learn anything, of course I would, but I think I would learn more by moving up a level. I have been practicing what I learned since last January for heaven's sake.


mmichele said...

Welcome back!

Beth said...

Up early to avoid being in a horrendous line and end up being third...and with no huge line.
That so sounds like something that would happen to me.

Best of luck shifting up a level.

elPadawan said...

I hope you had all your papers in order!

Boo and Trev said...

You're clearly not a scrabble player or you would be intimate with any word with Q in it!

Anonymous said...

Go talk to course teacher whose class you want to attend.
Persuade her into agreeing with you about needing a more challenging learning environment.
Then have her help you get into her higher course! GM

oreneta said...

mmichele! Thanks indeed, we are starting to get our feet again...very nice.

Beth, I just can't seem to figure the system out, then again the other two girls were kind of lost too.

elPadawan, it was a freaking miracle, I actually DID!

Boo and Trev, and clearly I have spent too much time in pool halls! I have made that inversion before but I usually catch it. In NA we usually call it a line, but I have started using queue here cause the students know it better, I haven't written it often, and I will admit to prefering pool to scrabble. What can I say, my parent's raised me badly.

GM, that is my basic plan, but I am going to sit at home for a week or so and study first, it has been two and a half months since I spoke the language.