Friday, September 19, 2008

Pine nuts! Pine nuts! I love pine nuts.

I finished the Connelly book. Today is day two of my sense of humour shut-down. Let's hope that passes soon. It is a great book, even if it is plunging me into depression. It shouldn't, because there are interweavings of hope, but it is so hopeless at the same time. Given the topic, how else can it be?

Onto brighter things.

I have collected quite a few pine cones in the hills that have pine nuts in them. These ones are very fresh, which means they are very sticky.

My hands are, shall we say, a little grungy right now. Youngest helped me out, but must have oilier or sweatier hands than me, or is simply a little teflon girl, but my dried out wrinkly old hands are hanging onto the goo something fierce.

ooooo, it just started to rain and is simply POOOUUUURing down.

We watched Muriel's Wedding tonight. Weird movie, did you ever see it?

My hands look like they've been dipped in bubblegum then in the sandbox. Goodness, I could use a little turpentine. Haven't got any though. Wonder if oil would get it off, it does for gum.

Let's go see......

Thanks for waiting. (Rain stopped, a short hard shower)

Guess what? The Catalans are right! Olive oil is the cure for everything, and my hands feel lovely now too....and smell odd, pine,turps and olive oil....

I think it would have worked even better if I'd oiled them before we started, no?


hulagirlatheart said...

Note to self: Save the olive oil tip for post pinecone gathering at Christmas. If it makes you feel any better, I'm wearing a big red food coloring stain on my right hand today from helping my daugher with her science project this weekend.

elPadawan said...

I like pine nuts too :)

dawn said...

I think the oil before is a good idea. I am starting to acquire a taste for pine nuts if they are in something. Didn't like them a few years back when I first tried them. I acquired a taste for fresh cilantro too which I didn't like at first and now I love.