Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer's over...

We're home, back in Spain. Flight was OK, good in fact, and we are staggering around fairly jetlagged, but good.

Love my local corner store, we had popets, baby octopus, with stuffed squid heads and ailloli for lunch.

cold beer for the man.

Going to the local bar for dinner.

Can't decide if unpacking is more like Christmas or a chore. We bring stuff back so that is fun, but there is no surprise, and there is the putting it back.....

Off to walk his Chuckiness. You shoulda heard him whining in the airport to get out of the box.

Like a cat in heat.

More later,




Beth said...

Glad you made it back safe and sound – and that you’re right back to eating such delicious food. (Although not so much to my picky taste buds...)

Don’t unpack too much stuff – you’ll just be packing it all up again soon!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, glad nothing happenned over the Atlantic. Enjoy the unpacking... before moving again :p

oreneta said...

Beth, I'm going to be going into purge mode again! Not moving a thing more than I have to, let me tell you!

ElP, thank you, though I am not sure when the move is going to happen at this point!