Friday, December 28, 2012

A show about Mesopotamia at Caixa Forum, una exposició sobre Mesopotàmia

The other day we went off to Caixa Forum for an exhibit about Mesopotamia.  Really very good, worth visiting,

Vam anar l'altre dia a la Caixa Forum aquí Barcelona per una exposisció sobre Mesopotàmia.  Fantàstic!  

Mira:  See:

These below are carved out of stone....very cool.

He looks like something out of Maurice Sendak, no?

and here a womble, Tomsk or Omsk?

These were TINY!  Youngest's finger against the glass in the foreground to try and give perspective.

I'd look surprised too if those were growing out of my chin!

Went into BCN again today, and then worked and then a Christmas party.  It is very late, and I am very tired......more later.

Have a great one,



Anonymous said...

Very nice. Love the horns, and the tiny bits :)

oreneta said...

It was a gorgeous exhibit....