Sunday, December 23, 2012

Singing to the boar, cantant als senglars.

Back when the man and I used to do a lot of canoeing, if we had to do a portage in particularly bear-ish country, we would often sing, to let the bears know we were coming, hopefully avoiding meeting them.

Today the man and I went running, it is boar hunting day today, and I decided that that same old ploy still had some value to it.  Not many boars sing, so the hunters, might...just might, reckon that we weren't boars, and dog-harried and alarmed boars would also steer clear of us.

I can say though that if you want to sing while running, especially have to go quite a bit slower.

Fa temps quan l'home i jo fèiem canoa molt, si haguéssim de fer un portatge en una zona amb molts ossos, vam cantar que els ossos pugessin sentir-nos i, amb una mica de sort, evitar de trobar-nos.

Avui, l'home i jo hem anat a córrer i està el dia de caçar porcs senglars.  He decidit que aquest joc de sempre pot fer servir aquí també. No hi ha gaires senglars que canten, llavors els caçadors potser pensaran que no estem porcs  i els senglars mateixos, posats nervios pels molestes dels gossos, ens evitaran també.

Haig de dir però, que si cantis mentre estas corrent, sobretot pujant....has d'anar bastant més a poc a poc.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of songs would be suitable for loudly making yourself known, albeit at a fast enough pace that it doesn't break your running rhytm...

oreneta said...

My favourite is the banana boat song.....

by Harry Belafonte...relatively easy lyrics and lots of space for breathing between the lines.

Works for me!

Anonymous said...

what the... what... What did you just make me watch? :D. I think the choreography would get in the way of the run, though :D

oreneta said...

You have never seen BEETLEJUICE!!!!

GOOD LORD! Get thee to a video place or something of the sort.....Tim Burton produced it in1988, good flick. The song was actually by Harry Belafonte, and there is a more boring version on Youtube!

The choreography? Kinda fun when running, till you get to the hand thing.....then you've got to be a little more careful ; P