Monday, December 10, 2012

un matí a BCN, a morning in BCN

Saw this in the Boqueria, never seen it before as usually it is full of fish sellers in front of it.  Looks a little Parc Guëll-ish, no?


A very tiny sub.  The ones we saw in the US were a LOT bigger.

Don't know what building this is, though I could find it again......

Lovely, no?

And below, we went into Santa Maria del Mar.  Looked up, while sitting cause my body is a wee bit weary today, and look who I was rewarded by!  Never seen it before, but there are little wee faces carved up high in the ceiling vaults.

The camera was not up to the light conditions, I'll have to go back again.

T'was a lovely day.

Catalan tomorrow, I am just too tired and it is past midnight and I have to cycle to work tomorrow morning with 4 hours of back to back classes.



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