Sunday, September 22, 2013

and then the mountains

Got up this morning pretty early to go walking with the local mountain group....met at 7:30 and headed off to the starting point.  By far the most dangerous part of the day happened during the drive to the start...when we nearly got hit by a guy running a stop sign while looking at we know not what, but not the road.  Very near thing.

I was under the impression that everyone was going to walk as a group, and then we weren't, so I decided to see what I could do after a really pretty blobby summer.  Also probably to somewhat weary, as I have gone on long walks on Mon, Wed and Fri and rode the bike on Tue and Thur....that said, I didn't push very hard on any of those walks.

I did push pretty hard today, never went right into the red zone or anything, but pretty red in the face and puffy in places....

I felt fantastic.  Walked and walked and walked...pushed hard enough that there were moments when it felt long-ish, and then the descent into town - which was long - felt so good that I ran it all.

Felt fantastic.

Carried the darned camera the whole way and didn't take a single photo.......ah well.

Great walk.

Turns out that another walk we had planned I can go on which I thought I wouldn't be able to as we don't leave town till AFTER I finish work!  (I couldn't find a substitute so thought that was that)  BONUS!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yu are fitter than you thought!

oreneta said...

indeed, and I thought I would be paying today, but I feel absolutely fine.

Anonymous said...

Body works in a very surprising way, doesn't it? :)

oreneta said...

so true...there are those days when you just feel like you can fly and it is amazing.