Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chuck on the boat

Chuck, well Chuck doesn't exactly love the boat.

Nights are good, he knows where we all are, and he can relax, lightning is very bad.

Swimming is stressful, tends to feel he has to herd us, so frantically has to go in to swim and then circle us, if not climb us with his sharp paws, but it is a good way to get ashore when he thinks it's time for a walk

Sailing, well, that's not so great, the earth should really be firm beneath his feet, but here he is:  Chuck on the boat.

Napping in the cockpit...

whatcha cooking?

His hole on the boat

Climbing up into the cockpit

Looking out

Looks like he's laughing, but I'm not sure he's actually all that happy.....

Wearing the ever stylish lifey

Struggling on the stairs, normally not a problem, but sometimes......

land ho!  So many trees, so little time

Which looks better, my right

or my left side?

 Napping in the girls bed.....heh heh heh


We're swimming, and he's tense....normally we let him come with us, but not this night...he'd been a bad dog and chased otters, running away from me, even trying to swim away from me, I row faster though, so he's on the leash of shame.

Not too bad a life even if you are on leash....all 60 feet of it

Super pup!

Get the bag to do your smiling, no?



thecatalanway said...

those are lovely and yes at least he was with you. i love the hat ones...what a handsome boy!
is he safely home now on terra firma? mountains and grass, places to roll. see you soon i hope kx

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Love all these Chuck shots - I may be his biggest fan!

oreneta said...

Thanks guys! Lovely to hear from you both....

Anonymous said...

this is the best post ever oh my god

oreneta said... bad I don't have a photo of him running away from the emu!!!!! Classic.