Friday, September 6, 2013

Tour of the boat

Now, this tour is entirely random, photos taken by the kids and if you have any thoughts of the luxury yachts you see in those magazines?  Drop them now.....but here's my favourite place in the world:

When we're at anchor we hang up an anchor ball, a black ball to signify that we are anchored, radical, no?  It is technically a legal requirement, but one that almost nobody follows, we do though cause it's fun.  Made it ourselves!

 Looking up into the rig....

Out the forehatch looking up at the wind sock that brings a lovely cooling breeze into the boat for us.  Great invention these things.

One of the bookshelves, we have many many books on board.

Cutlery, stored in a roll.

A christmas decoration from many years ago, the kids don't want to take it down, so OK, it's still up.

More books....

A little nook near the stove, we have celery, jam, tomatoes, an abacus, marshmallows, maple syrup, a mug an an oil anchor lamp.

A headlamp....we don't have electrics, we're just weird that way.

The dog standing on the chart table, that if you take away the top is the stove.  Binoculars VHF and GPS mounted behind him, another bookshelf in front, an LED light above and a mortar below.

A shelf in the kids v-berth, with a mix of books and aloe vera and hats, behind a locker (was a hanging locker but we need to store lifeys and sleeping bags more than suits and dresses, so it now contains harnesses, the clothes line, lifeys, dog food a knapsack and sleeping bags.

The head with first aid kids and supplies and a truly enormous quantity of TP.

Shelves with Youngest's clothes and below that art supplies

Looking forward into the Vberth, Head on the right, hanging locker on the left.  Dog on the bed.

Looking into the veg locker, one of those carrots is going to have to go.

Artwork the kid hung over our bunks in the main cabin ages ago, that's still there.

And an oil lamp for lighting below decks....lovely lovely warm light.

A wee tour of our little boat. 


Anonymous said...

Loved the tour! The way you manage your utensils is brilliant. How fun to see the artwork from years past, too

oreneta said...

The kids took a lot of photos of the inside of the boat, and we all thought it'd make a decent post!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Now that's a boat with quite a history. Still no Kindle, though? Would save some space on the bookshelves :)

oreneta said...

Kindle + water = nothing to read.....