Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hey Baby

That's what someone called out to me when I was on my bike today.

Hey Baby!

Younger guy, lets say mid 20s, big smile, big open arms. 

I ignored him completely, feeling pissed inside. 

He switched to Spanish and said (in translation) 'pardon me, could I ask you a question' a much different message, but he already had my back WAY up.

Angrily and in English, I told him I wasn't his baby, and kept on going - barely biting back the urge to tell him to f*** off.....he asked if he could ask me a question, this time in English. 


and I was gone.

It left me thinking though.  The difference in tone between the Spanish question and the English one were very different.  In English, at best it sounded like a sleezy pickup line in a bar, at worst, how you'd talk to a hooker. 

Got. my. bakc. right. up.

In Spanish very correct and very polite.

It made me wonder if he'd heard it on TV or the movies and thought it was OK, which almost made me want to talk to him and tell him the impression he was making (once a teacher, always a teacher I guess)  but another part of me.....omg

I am finally old enough I mostly don't have to deal with this shit on the streets anymore. Middle aged women are basically invisible, and it is nice.

F*** OFF!!!!  guys.  Just F. OFF.


Anonymous said...

guess you forgot your invisibility cloak at home, this time :D

oreneta said...

yeah....flutters around too much on the bike and gets caught in the chain.