Saturday, January 31, 2015

Long long long day.

Wow, one of those that seems to be three or four shoe-horned into one.

Got up and taught this morning (fortunately I'd gotten about 12 hours in bed last night which started to make up for last week.

My cold seems to not be blossoming into the pneumonia that it is turning into in those around me...YEAH sleep!

Then the man and I got on our bikes and rode off to a calçotada at my boss' house, which was fine, but know what?  I am all socialized out.  I spend a. lot. of. time. talking to people in my job.  A lot.  and the last three weeks with the caving course?  A lot of the weekend making small talk. 

By the time we got to this festa, I was pretty much talked out.


Back on the bikes, and home (up hill and down and up and down!!!!) 

Then into BCN to do a little very necessary shopping.......and now youngest is having a wee party downstairs. 

I for one am going to make myself a little night time cold medicine, so I sleeeeeeeppppppp - though somehow it still isn't as refreshing as a real night's sleep...maybe it disturbs the sleep rhythms or something.

then bed with a book.


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