Saturday, January 10, 2015

Missed writing yesterday, went caving today

The day just got toooooo hectic, including a haircut late at night, then dinner with a friend, then prepping Saturday's class with the man at 10:30 pm!!!!

Still had to pack for caving after that...

TOO busy, but all's some photos!

The cave actually goes on quite a long way from here, but you need scuba tanks, and the folks who do cave diving tend to have, ahhhh, short life spans.  Cost/benefit ration just doesn't work out in my mind.

A lot of this cave was very low, some of it very very low.  Not my favourite part of caving...but it was still a very good day.


Anonymous said...

still trying to scare your mother?
Sea Dog

oreneta said...

T'would seem.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. As long as you stay safe :)

oreneta said...

That's why we're taking a course, go with people who know what they're doing, stick with them and do what they say...unless it seems REALLY stupid!!!