Sunday, January 18, 2015

Palau de la Música!

Then that night, we went to a concert at the Palau de la Música!!!!

Spectacular, the building was amazing, they played Mahler's 5th, which was wonderful. 

It was the Simòn Bolivar Orchestra with Gustavo Dudamel.  Fabulous,

Some photos.

First the Cathedral that we walked past on the way there!  BTW, never ever ever, go into BCN on a Saturday night during the month of sales. OMG the people!!!!!

Though the concert was sooooo worth it!

The view from our seats, the building is amazing, and the photo makes them look MUCH more distant that they were.  Weird.

Details of the building.

Huge thanks to our wonderful friends for the tickets!!!!


Anonymous said...

I remember thaat concert hall! So beautiful, and someone gave you tickets, how lucky can you get? And Dudamel!

Anonymous said...

I miss classical music concerts... I don't think I've been to any since I left Toronto... guess it got more difficult after becoming a parent. Will get better once they're old enough to tag along :D

oreneta said...

We are indeed, very very lucky and Dudamel was really interesting, even though we couldn't really see him very well! It was a great performance.

ElP, life has ages and'll come around again!!!!!