Sunday, January 4, 2015

the Master's!!!

One course complete

The other course......just handed in the big fat project!!!!


Still some details,
  • make sure a different section is published for the class  DONE!
  • comment on the other teams' work  DONE!  (8.1.15)
  • fill out and send in two evaluation forms, one an auto-evaluation and one for the course, strangely to be filled in before we get our marks. DONE! (23.1.15)
  • stop updating social media accounts we had to create associated with the project DONE! (9.1.15)
  • delete all the social media accounts
However, the DONE!!!!!

(I will miss working with two of the guys, but not so much the third!)

Wow.  Relief.

(Later:  got a 9 in the course!!!!!, well, in both of them!!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

As long as there is a tiny "your evaluation of the course will not have any effect on your grade whatsoever, pinky swear" footnote, you should be fine... right?
Congrats, anyways :)

oreneta said...

Thank you.....and yeah, in do you do a virtual pinkie swear anyway....

if they can send smells online, the next great obstacle...the pinkie swear!!!!