Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1 of 2015

First day of the year, pretty quiet, like New Year's last night.

We didn't want to get grapes, Youngest particularly as they kind of make her feel ill, so we cut up mandarin slices and ate those. Good, and much less of a choking hazard.

What else?

We only have one puzzle, and as my family has a tradition of doing a jigsaw puzzle at Xmas, we've done it several times. In some ways that makes it easier, in others, not so much.  You see, we can visualize which pieces go where quite easily, but as it has been done fairly often, the little nubs are getting rounded and it is much harder to tell if a piece goes in a particular spot.

Also, everyone else seems to have lost interest, so really, it's just me doing it.

Makes it harder too.

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