Saturday, December 2, 2006

Aaaaaaggghhhh Dorky Dad already tagged everyone I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For those of you not aware of it, I was tagged in the last post, and I have to confess to 6 weird things about me...... then I have to tag 6 other bloggers, list them here, and leave them notes on their blogs. They must do the same. Since Dorky Dad, who tagged me, also tagged every single other blog I usually read, this should get interesting.

So whomever you are whose blogs I find, and acknowlege.....BLAME HIM.

6 weird things about me, I am sure my kids could come up with six, NO PROBLEM

1: I hate refrigerators. I hate the noise they make all the time, and it is such a relief when they turn off. I hate the electricity they use, and I hate that they are so damn big that we end up storing all sorts of things in them that don't need to be kept cool. And they are so big . I mean really.

2: I talk to strangers, ALL the time. I didn't think I did. My mother told me I shouldn't. I thought for a long time that they just talk to me, but upon study, while they talk to me sometimes, I indeed talk to them. All the time. Sorry Mom.

3: I lose my wallet really often. Well, it usually isn't actually lost, but I am not sure exactly where it is, and I have as the crowning gem of these events, actually gone all the way to France without my wallet. It was in my raincoat pocket. In the closet. At home. Had the passport anyway.

4: I have only one pair of shoes. This, particularily for a woman is a very weird thing. As a past shoe fan, not in Imelda's class, but there have been times when I had over 20 pairs. Then I got pregnant, and none of them fit. Not fair. I had been wearing the same pair of shoes since before I met my husband. When they finally died this summer and I got a new pair, he dubbed these shoes..... you guessed it......WEIRD! Granted, he had rarely seen me in other footwear and it must have been strange. As we will be in Poland at Christmas however, and facing the first winter weather in four years, I may have to get something other than these sandals. Now that will be weird.

5: I am not picky about tea. This may not seem weird to you Americans, but to my British relatives, it is downright bizarre. I just spent 10 days with them, and stopped offering to make it for them.. I like chai, different types of tea, will drink it cold I will even drink the same pot all even when it gets cold.

6: I break the handles off of mugs all the time when I am washing them, and then continue to use them anyway. I gave up. I broke the handle off SOOOOOO many mugs, and they still held fluid, so I gave up throwing them away..... this is living dangerously though, they are suprisingly sharp I discovered one day and 6 stitches later. Now I file down the handle left-overs and still use them. That probably is pretty weird.

Now I need to find 6 blogs to tag.

Mr K, french freek in france, Tracie B, Expat Mama,The Spanish Cockpit (this is taking one VERY long time to find blogs) Sorry folks, I may look for more tomorrow, but it is late and I've read a GABILLioooooooonnnnnnnn blogs.


Trish said...

I actually have a couple of favourite mugs that don't have a just gets in the way anyways so you may as well break it off and cup the mug in your hand.

oreneta said...

Glad I'm not the only one, just be careful when their in all that warm sudsy water. You bleed dramatically when your hands are wet.

Dorky Dad said...

Sorry ... good list, though.

oreneta said...

No worries, I did find some good sites. Nomad tagged me again, and I am going to count it done..........the kids will mutiny if I spend more time searching:-)