Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Toothbrushes and Jozef Wilkon and another turd

OK, for the first time in I don't know how long, I remembered to bring my toothbrush with me on a trip. Really, this is a problem. You should see me going out the door. Kids? Check, Underwear? Check. Other relatively useless items? Check. Do I ever think of toothbrush? NO. I frequently don't have my wallet as well, but I remembered both this time. Now some weird gremlin has lifted my toothbrush. I mean REALLY. What does anyone or anything want with my old used toothbrush. WHERE IS IT?

My sister gave me a cast off. (yeah, no fuzzy oral fur coats ) You should see this thing though... it is light blue. OK that's normal enough, it is the figure of a man of sorts. OK. The face is the bristles. Now this is getting weird. I am supposed to stick this head in my mouth and brush my teeth with his face. What is the opposite of mysoginist anyway? But get this. He's got both hands folded over his nads, like soccer players, pardon me, football players, at a free kick. So now I have the head of a man in my mouth, I am brushing my teeth with his face, and he is protecting his balls from my hand as I am doing this (who can blame him)

Here's my question.

Who designs these things anyway?

Went to a gallery in Warsaw today and saw the MOST amazing exhibit. This guy Jozef Wilkon did the most amazing sculptures and paintings out of wood and metal. The pictures in the link don't do him justice. Huge and stunning, playful, and folk art/fine art at it's best. Looked in vain for any kind of catalogue or even a flyer. They don't seem to be up to speed on the commercial opportunities here. The artist is an immensly talented multi-media worker. He has illustrated many children's books as well. What a find, and what an inspiration.

One more thing...the husband called me, and the incredibly fancy patisserie down the street from us had taken down their Christmas display of georgeous candies and chocolates that they had made there in the store, and instead in the window there is a candy potty, you know the little pink jobs that kiddlets learn to go to the toilet on, and in it guessed it...a chocolate turd. WHAT IS THAT????????? Quaralt's brother, if your out there...or any other Catalan readers....


Beth said...

Oh. My. God......a chocolate turd?!?!?! Hello?!1 Are they trying to turn people away or sell stuff there?! WTF?

And I want a picture of the toothbrush! I love pictures, in case you can't tell.....I'd love to get one of those for my son, who is an avid player.

When are you going home? to your flip flops?

Mom of Three said...

I think the opposite of misogynist is Amazon woman or somesuch thing.

When I fear I'm going to forget something, I tape reminder notes to the front door. On the inside. Up high. Where the kids can't rip them down to use as coloring paper.

My brain is so scattered that it's worth it. Other places to put them are on your dashboard.

I tend not to purchase items from food stores that cause me to associate them, rightly or wrongly, with feces.

Dorky Dad said...

I always remember my toothbrush. It's the TOOTHPASTE I forget. Stupid toothpaste. It should learn to jump into my toiletries bag.

oreneta said...

Beth: It must be some weird local norm... I can't imagine how else you could do it. Santa didn't bring a digital camera, so unless the husband produces, which I doubt, I may be photoless for a while to come.

Home on Sat, where hopefully wearing sandals will be simply stupid rather than downright dangerous.

MoT: My Great Aunt hangs a plastic bag on the inside of the front door. Works a charm. You realize you have to bring something, and often it is in the bag along with everything else you remembered you had to bring. Doesn't work with little kids in the house though. Just when we are all most scattered.

DD: Oh how I wish, you can steal a little squirt of toothpaste from your host on the sly, but borrow their toothbrush....ptew ptewptew.

High Desert Diva said...

Mmmmm....candy potty! What in the hell were they thinking?!

Our houseguest didn't have a toothbrush and the only new ones we had were children's toothbrushes. She chose a Nemo brush. I think your option was worse.

oreneta said...

Hdd: I too am mystified and when I return to Spain I will try to figure it out. Nemo would have been lovely, I agree. What can you do.

Nomad said...

Ha...I guess only in Poland and ...
Only in Spain??

Is this related to the bizarre pooping figurines??

re the forgotten toothbrush I have a similiar problem but with me it seems to be destination driven... some places it is always remembered and others always forgotten...(like Scotland)...our brains work in funny ways though no? Or maybe subconscious just says...holidays??? Well we won't be needing fresh breath then...It'll just be a TBH!! (tooth-brushing-holiday!!).

oreneta said...

Nomad: You always left something behind is the funny thing. Every single time you came over to my house, youleft something. We flattered ourselves that you didn't really want to leave and were creating an excuse to come back. You never need one, we're always delighted to see you.